Gardi Tours offers accommodation all over Mongolia. The number of hotels in Ulaanbaatar is increasing rapidly. Therefore it is important to stay focused and make sure that the quality of the hotels we book stays up-to-date. We even have our own ger camp in Terelj N.P.! Check our accommodation list for reliable hotels and ger camps we can book for you. Gardi Tours also makes reservations on request in any other hotel in any town in Mongolia. Please contact us for hotel details and room rates..

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Our Tours

We offer various tours throughout Mongolia. From city trips in Ulaanbaatar to longer adventurous expedition tours throughout the whole country. We are highly experienced since we were one of the first Mongolian tour operators, therefore it is possible to book tailor-made tours with us. Together with our travel specialists you can create your own itinerary and enjoy your own custom-made holiday in Mongolia. Please check out our tours and enjoy Mongolia together with us!

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Сайн байнa уу!

Gardi Tours started in 1999 as an Ulaanbaatar-based Dutch-Mongolian travel company, providing tourism services to travellers from all over the world. We then rapidly grew to become a trendsetter in Mongolian tourism. Gardi Tours was among the first to open up the hidden secrets of remote Mongolia to tourists from all over the world. It is our experience and broad network within Mongolia that makes us the solid tour operator everyone can rely on. We offer budget, comfort and luxury tour programs covering all highlights of the country's nature and culture, made to fit both short and long stays in Mongolia. Gardi Tours continuously seeks to broaden and improve its services to remain the trend setting travel company of Mongolia! We offer stays in ger camps in Terelj N.P., Hustai N.P. and other nature reserves - Welcome!